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Counseling Services

I implement a Person-Centered approach while also using effective therapy methods such as Internal Family Systems, Lifespan Integration, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Practices to instill self-understanding and self-compassion to empower and encourage Clients to adopt new attitudes and feelings toward themselves. 

Areas of Expertise: My niche specialties include Complex Trauma/Trauma, Abuse Recovery, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Perfectionism and People Pleasing, Counseling for Caretakers of Special Needs/Medically Needy Children, OCD Anxiety, and Multicultural Counseling including Racial and Spiritual Trauma.

I also help clients with PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, personal and spiritual development, and relationship issues.


Anxiety can be crippling and can consume your life. People suffering with anxiety often feel like they cannot overcome it. The truth, though, is that we can empower ourselves to stop allowing it to control us and can get to the root of the anxiety and see that we are more than capable of working through these issues.

OCD and Hoarding

OCD  often stems from Anxiety and Trauma.  Both OCD and Anxiety Can give us a false sense of safety and control. However, eventually, instead of relieving our worries or grief, they control us. By addressing the underlying causes of the outward symptoms of OCD and Anxiety, we can work towards a fulfilling life that is no longer filled with fear.


Trauma can impact us in all aspects of our lives. We may not even realize how trauma has impacted us. Trauma can feel so unfair and like it has such strong power over us. I firmly believe that by slowly working through the trauma and ways it has impacted your life, there is a way to be free from the negative impact and find your strength and power. Healing and empowerment is absolutely possible!


I have personally been the primary caretaker for my daughter with special needs and severe health issues, which has helped me understand the isolation and ongoing distress and grief that others may feel in the caretaking process. Having walked through much suffering and having walked with others who have suffered, I can relate to feelings of grief, anxiety, distress, and discord, and how they can affect us in all areas of life including identity, spirituality, health, relationships, and more. Caretaking is a long and relentless process but you do not have to walk it alone.  Through Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, there are ways to heal and feel whole even while still walking through a difficult journey with someone you are caring for.

Individuals, Families & Couples 

We are not meant to do life alone. Whether there is a particular issue or just personal development and identity issues, I believe that with the right tools we can together navigate a way forward. Further, relationships and Family Systems can be very difficult at times. It can be hard to communicate your needs and maintain a sense of autonomy while still working with and considering those around you.  I believe that with the right tools we can together navigate a way to maintain your sense of self while also strengthening your relationships.

Lifespan Integration/IFS

Lifespan integration is a model of therapy that includes both Somatic(body) and Mind experiences. It is a gentle body-based method and helps to heal clients without re-traumatizing, It relies on the innate ability of the body and mind to heal itself. It utilizes repetitions of a visual timeline of memories to help facilitate neural integration and rapid healing.

Internal Family systems is also a model of therapy that is both a mind and body experience. Its purpose is to help people identify different parts of themselves that are in conflict and help to heal the parts that are wounded.


Grief can feel especially heavy and isolating. It may feel like others do not understand the depths of our despair or move on quickly and expect you to be able to as well. However, grief is a process that can be worked through and you can find hope. Some of us have ongoing grief, and this can feel unbearable at times, but even with continuous grief, we can find ways to cope and find joy and freedom.

Abuse Recovery

​I have a unique passion and empathy towards survivors of abuse and those recovering from abuse.  I personally am a survivor of domestic violence from a parent and have gone through the healing process of recovery from Narcissistic Abuse. I have also experienced Spiritual/Church Abuse and Racial Trauma/Abuse and have experience helping other survivors navigate their healing process. Regardless of what kind of abuse that has occurred, the psychological impact can infect so many areas of our life and change the way we view ourselves and the world.  When recovering from abuse it is paramount to slowly untangle the lies the abuse would have you believe and move into a place of self-validation and empowerment. It is my privilege to help you walk through that journey of healing, taking up space, and finding hope so that you can feel like yourself again or perhaps even have the freedom to be yourself for the first time. 

Perfectionism & People Pleasing

Perfectionism is ultimately the lie that tells us that we are never good enough. It also lies and tells us that if we can just be "perfect" then we can remain in control and bad things won't happen.  In reality, perfectionism keeps us shaming ourselves and prevents us from living the lives we want. People pleasing goes hand in hand with Perfectionism and often tells us that we need to take up less space so that others will love us or that we have to earn other people's love and approval. Together, we can break free from these negative and false belief systems and learn what it looks like to take up space and value yourself. 

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